“In Alice’s Garden”

Submitted by Deanne Sabeck


Client: Private Client

Location: Cerritos, CA, United States

Project Team


Deanne Sabeck

Art Consultant

Betsy Lane

Betsy Lane Art

Steel Fabricator

Daniel Camarena


Dichroic glass and stainless steel Poppies, 12′ in height, app 10′ diameter. This was a public art project for a mall in Cerritos, Ca. commissioned by they owners of the project. They were wanting art that featured local flora which inspired the sculpture. The flowers are very oversized and enchanting, the shadows and reflections they cast on the ground and various wall surfaces, brings in another layer of complexity and mystery.


The goals of the entire project was to integrate art that reflected the local flora and give the center some color and form.


The collaboration was between the owners of the project, the art consultant and myself in the design phase. We worked back and forth with the form and scale to find the final concept. In the fabrication phase the collaboration was between myself and the steel fabricator to form the stems, leaves and secure the flower petals.