Improvised Syncopation - CODAworx

Improvised Syncopation

Submitted by Chains Interior

Client: Mr.Wang

Location: Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Lien-wu Chen

Chains Interior

Landscape Architect

Chains Interior

Chains Interior


A sense of musicality is installed into the living space for the apartment owner with a love for classical music. It transforms notes and rhythm into spatial lines and colours.
Taking the basic idea of improvisation in music as a starting point, the open spaces in the background make wide use of white wall areas. Metallic stripes with irregular spaces between them syncopate the spaces and at the same time encompass them in a repeated manner.


Movable furniture and the main wall with their characteristic colored areas and patterns convey the main melody of fancy romanticism.
Just like the black keys of a piano keyboard, the white wall areas and the black floor as the basic plane of this space stand out. At the same time, they are interwoven and thus form a kind of “Fantasie-Impromptu”.


Inspired by the composition of Chopin’s “Fantasie-Impromptu”, musicality evolves that corresponds with space.

Entrance to the rooms (partition in the entrance area): an extensive purple wall and vertical and horizontal lines mark the beginning of a prelude designed to welcome the guests!

Leitmotif A:
In the public space (dining room, living room) vertical lines with irregular spaces inbetween produce an effect similar to Chopin’s “Fantasie-Impromptu”: the continuous arpeggios of the left hand run all the way through the whole piece and lend it spatial velocity and tension. By contrast, the red and purple tones of the central space have the effect of the leitmotif of the right hand. It is characterised by different kinds of styles and stands out from the surrounding vertical lines in the background.

Leitmotif B:
Horizontal lines run through the space of the main bedroom, evoking the lyrical melody of the improvisation. They give the room a soft and quiet character.

Horizontal lines dominate the children’s room, complemented by vertical lines. They reflect the intertwined character of leitmotifs A and B and thus give expression to the liveliness of the children’s room.

Additional Information

To satisfy working and living at home, open space design would be the best solution for this new living trend. To make working, dinning, cooking, entertainment, and social chatting all together and happen anytime.  Black wooden floor extend from inside to outdoor. Besides the visual extension, it also combine leisure and work.