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IMMORTAL Mural on Panels for the MOWA

Submitted by Audifax Art

Client: The MOWA Museum of Wisconsin Art

Location: West Bend, WI, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team



Audifax Art



Museum of Wisconsin Art


Invited to create for the MOWA exhibition, The Street, international street artist Audifax used spray and latex paint to carefully mask and create colorful sections that come together in a bright geometric pattern convincing the viewer to look deeper than the illusion of it’s surface. Reflective of the style she developed on the streets of Europe, this mural brings a focus to what matters most, tending to our inner light to create a stronger bond with ourselves so ultimately this sense of completion radiates as a connection to each other and our community.


With a theme so close to home, the mural was created with “The Street” in mind. A strong desire to share a message and the process with others, this was made outside where people could watch, before it was hung in the gallery space of the Museum of Wisconsin Art. Layers of varying colors of geometric shapes were added to the pine panels to represent our connection to mind / body / spirit and the importance of remembering who we truly are at the core of our existence. Utilizing practices and tools known to her street art method, Audifax created a portrait in subtle yet bold blues and reds that melt into a geometric pattern with calligraffiti accents. The spray painted flowers symbolize the impermanence of life and an appreciation for the moments we have. All of this was done to awaken people to their true nature, while challenging herself to share an intimate piece of her soul and relationship to the world.


The two panels totaling 8x8ft were brought to life true street art style, while people could watch on the patio outside Garver Canvas Gallery where her most recent residency and exhibition were held. Facing the elements using spray paint, wall paint and acrylic, it was a surreal experience as each part was strategically applied for a museum piece outside the formerly abandoned warehouse, the first place in the United States she painted street art. Extensive measuring and mapping were involved to make the layers symmetrical, including the calligraffiti gold wings and two-part border with varying shades of the matching colors. After its completion, the meaning of IMMORTAL surfaced: “She tells us of our infinite power; mind, body and spirit, that aligns us beyond our physical existence. Ancient civilizations believed a journey to become transparent beings, humans who allow experience to pass through without attachment, were one with the greatest gift we can achieve, presence.”