Immersive Light - CODAworx

Immersive Light

Submitted by Memoir Agency

Client: Orlando Utilities Commission

Location: Orlando, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Creative Director

Cole NeSmith

Memoir Agency

Operations and Logistics

Chris Albanese

Memoir Agency

Client - VP, Marketing and Community Relations

Jenise Osani


Client - Director of Community Affairs

Lisa Curran



4,000 individual dancing lights. Our public utility client wanted to showcase their commitment to sustainability and create something irresistible. Memoir Agency artists created two of these attention-getting light sculptures from low-powered LED nodes.

The two sculptures were installed in two, prominent public parks in Downtown Orlando. The kinetic movement of light through the LED nodes draws attention from vehicular traffic along two major roadways. The installations have increased foot traffic to the parks.

Photos and videos from within the installation have been shared tens of thousands of times. Increasing :
– Pride in the community
– Attendance at the public parks
– Awareness of the client’s sustainability programs

The beauty of the pieces bring people together, fostering meaningful connection amongst residents of and visitors to the community. In addition to creating a destination experience, the installations have been covered extensively in broadcast and print media.

Our client wanted to ensure a great return on their investment. The Memoir Agency team delivered by creating art that
– the community loved
– brought people to the public parks
– raised awareness of the client’s programs
– earned media attention
– and increased social sharing.

We can’t wait to create something your community can’t wait to brag about!


The whole of this project was the art itself. The installation locations were guided by the objectives. The client wanted to raise awareness of their sustainability initiatives, so the more visible the better. These two light sculptures were installed in two public parks, viewable from major Orlando roadways. We worked with the public parks department to choose locations and manage installation in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Our projects are guided by our 3-step "Irresistible Art Plan."

1. Collaborate with the client to understand your objectives
2. Design and develop works of art that achieve those objectives and bring meaning to people’s lives
3. Build the right team of collaborators to accomplish the work on time and on budget so you don’t have to worry

For this project, we met with the client and understood their objectives.

Our Memoir Agency team then designed two options from which the client selected. We designed and presented two options.

We also worked with the public parks department to determine installation site locations.

After the client selected the art and installation locations from the options we presented, our team began manufacturing.

We worked with LED manufacturers to create a custom lighting solution that is durable and aesthetically beautiful. We also worked with metal fabricators to build the infrastructure.

Our team handled all installation and programming.

Additional Information

This project demonstrates Memoir Agency's commitment to work with clients to achieve their messaging objectives. The first step in a successful collaboration is understand what's important to you. In this case, the public utility client wanted to use LED lighting to highlight their value for sustainability. Our team created something irresistible the community wanted to visit and experience.