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IMatter Project – New Haven, CT

Submitted by WingNut Collaborative

Client: IMatter, City of New Haven, CT

Location: New Haven, CT, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $78,000

Project Team

3D design/Fabrication

Erich Davis

E J Davis Aesthetics


Rob Goldman

IMatter Project


E J Davis Aesthetics LLC was the design and fabrication partner for the IMatter project that brought this amazing community-building project to a historically under-served neighborhood in New Haven. We took the idea of photographer Rob Goldman and brought it to a new level with our design collaboration. E J Davis Aesthetics designed, fabricated, and installed the 9’ towers in coordination with several departments from the city and completed our work just in time to ring in the New Year!


The design and installation of these three 9' tall illuminated towers was intended to both illuminate this infamously dangerous intersection in an underserved New Haven neighborhood. Once installed it created a palpable sense of pride and fellowship at this once


Working directly with the director of the IMAtter Project, city officials and several public works departments in New Haven, it was our charge to both lead the creative process to bring the photographs to life as well as to coordinate the execution of that vision from design to fabrication to installation.