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Illuminous: Interactive Projection Mural

Submitted by Alt Ethos Ltd.

Client: Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority

Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $68,000

Project Team


Alt Ethos


Peeta EAD




Russell + Mills Studios

Public Art Agent

Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority


Renowned muralist Peeta and Alt Ethos collaborated on this permanent multimedia installation that challenges viewers’ perspectives and shifts perception as time passes. By day, Peeta’s vibrant imagination is on full display in his original use of light and layering creates the illusion of a 3-dimensional sculpture in two dimensions. But as the sun goes down and shadows lengthen, Alt Ethos brings the installation to life.


Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority over the next few years is systematically redesigning their alleyways in downtown Fort Collins in an effort to increase foot traffic and increase the amount of time people spend in downtown, which in turn increases spending at local businesses. Several bars and restaurants open up to the alleyway where the mural resides, which drives patrons to those patios. This project also supports recent efforts to increase tourism in the area.


This collaborative project took 1 year to complete from discussion to implementation and was commissioned by Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority in an effort to promote pedestrian usage of their alleyways.

Alt Ethos can animate virtually any mural, whether coordinating with artists on new works or designing projection maps to enhance existing work. This product and service is available anywhere in the world and is remotely maintained and updated.

Additional Information

Feeding off the movements and dynamic interplay of passersby, Alt Ethos's projection mapping technology turns the mural into a writhing, ethereal - almost breathing - entity evoking gentle tides, shifting sunsets, dancing fire, and translucent haze. The interplay of paint, light and humanity draws inspiration from the advanced visual effects available in the digital age juxtaposed with geologic and organic forms that have been evolving for eons.