Illuminated Chroma Wind Trees - CODAworx

Illuminated Chroma Wind Trees


Client: Clemson University

Location: Clemson, SC, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Rob Seel

RMS Architecture


Warren Pope

W. A. Pope Design

Industry Resource

Ennco Display Group

Industry Resource

American Powdercoating

Industry Resource

Hollywood Lights


Koryn Rolstad

Koryn Rolstad Studios


Thomas Miller

Design TM

Industry Resource

Seattle Boiler Works


A visual context for those who live, work and study at Clemson University as a visual destinations areas, Core Campus Housing Facility, that are both utilitarian and art at the same time. The installation has two parts: an exterior and suspended. The exterior 90 tree elements continue to the 350' suspended installation, as if if flying upward into the corridor to the end of the building.


The goals of this project is to give a 'Gateway' experience in the two large plazas for the students at this new and important Housing Facility. I wanted bright colors that included the Clemson colors and act as a warm, fun and safe environment.


Design TM and Warren Pope Design have been my design architects for many years working in the studio. Our studio initiates all drawings through fabrication and materials purchasing. This allows KRS to hire fabricators making the component parts ready for shipping and then we assemble on site.

Additional Information

Clemson allowed us to use students to help assemble the 'wings' on the 90 trees and the suspended sculpture - most where smart and fun female students and 2 young men who help build all of the over 3000 separate elements to make the final exterior and interior installation.