Illumilooti Ignisis - CODAworx

Illumilooti Ignisis

Submitted by BoKo Fine Art

Client: Insomniac

Location: San Bertnardino, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $109,000

Project Team

Design / fabrication

Boris Kostov

BoKo Fine Art


Mike Worl

BoKo Fine Art


Jazmin "Taz" Garcia

BoKo Fine Art


Robert Stoneking

BoKo Fine Art


An elegant composition of nine illuminated floating lotuses make up Illumiloti Ignisis. The piece is composed of six small and three large flowers made of outer and inner pedals. All nine of the pedals are illuminated with LED light. The three larger flowers emit flames when triggered by the audience. The sculpture floats on the surface of the water as the lights gently shift through the color spectrum.


Our client came to us and asked if we could create a floral piece that can be displayed in a body of water and included both flame effects and a lighting element. They gave us free rein on concept and design of the installation. The piece was commissioned for one of their events and will be featured in future exhibitions.


From the early inception of this project we worked closely with our client to make sure that we met all their needs. Once the budget and timeline was approved our design and fabrication team worked together iron out details and build the sculpture. During the build of the physical components we integrated the lighting systems and flame effects. We transported installed and operated the sculpture for the commissioned event.