Icons of Art

Submitted by Bonnie Fitzgerald



Drew model School

Arlington United States


Artwork budget: 25000

Project Team


Drew Model School


This site specific work was created for an elementary school “Art Garden.” Twelve individual works depicting the History of Art grace the backside of four concrete risers. The risers form an amphitheater where children stage dance and theater performances. The mosaics were designed as a learning tool featuring iconic art images throughout the history of art. Located in a central courtyard the mosaics are seen at perfect eye level for the children from the glass hallways surrounding the courtyard. Size: 3 feet high x 32 linear feet, 96 sq. ft. total. Materials: Stained glass and vitreous glass tiles.


It was essential the artwork be timeless, inspirational, durable and educational. The design brilliantly addresses the desire to educate, the imagery is a timeline of iconic art works. As a child friendly installation safety concerns were a big consideration. Materials selected met all technical requirements.


Working closely with the stakeholders Fitzgerald’s design idea of a timeline was an immediate hit. Art teachers use the artwork as a teaching tool. The final execution exceeded everyone’s expectations. Selecting the exact artworks was a collaborative effort with the school art teachers and a parent group and selections range from cave paintings to contemporary art works. The art work was fabricated by Fitzgerald and a small staff of professional artists.