i-MAP - CODAworx


Submitted by FIRM817

Client: Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau

Location: Fort Worth, USA

Completion date: 2009

Project Team





Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau


The task was to design a map that visitor center employees could use to help orient visitors to Fort Worth. The map was situated at the back of the space and provides a bright “destination” to draw the visitors from the sidewalk at the exterior into the space.


It was important to provide an artist's eye to the problem of way-finding. An image was needed that was simple enough to hold in the mind's eye and yet detailed enough to be useful. It was also important to get the proper back-lighting to make the map luminous.


The map was designed and printed at full scale to check its legibility. A key to the symbols and a directory booklet were also created to give additional information that would have cluttered the map. The design using a plastic panel also meant that new symbols and new locations could be added to the map. Once a mock-up of the panel material was created the lighting designer was able to advise on wattage and fixture count.

Additional Information

The cabinet-maker's expertise was essential in this project so that the servicing of the light fixtures was possible. The client had graphic designers on staff that helped to review our map and symbol designs.