I Have No Mouth But Must Scream - CODAworx

I Have No Mouth But Must Scream

Submitted by Erik Wolken

Client: Frank Gallery

Location: CHAPEL HILL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team


Jason Dowdle

Blue Sky Digital Photography

Art Consultant

Frank Gallery


This project started out like many of my projects by presenting myself with a design problem and then figuring out creative solutions. In this case the problem was how to work in a quicker more intuitive fashion and in a purely sculptural mode in contrast to my more familiar mode as a furniture maker. For this project I picked a topic I have explored in the past, the human torso, and gave myself the goal of producing one new torso each day. I humorously referred to it as the “Torso a Day Project.”


This was essentially a collaboration with my toughest client, myself, and the need to get the work done in timely fashion for two holiday shows that happen in my area. "I Have No Mouth But Must Scream" was exhibited at Frank Gallery and sold very quickly which was very gratifying.

Additional Information

The "Torso a Day Project" produced 7 torsos each completed in a day, three of which makeup the triptych "I Have No Mouth But Must Scream" and two others which comprise Figures 1and 2 and two others which ended up in my wood stove. From creating this work I was inspired to create a functional work the "Dancing Couple" mirror which was built immediately after the "Torso a Day Project." I also used elements from this project in my Dancing Cabinet commission which was completed 6 months later.