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I am Here – Bay Street & Victory Blvd.

Submitted by Harumi Ori

Client: NYC Department of Transportation

Location: Staten Island, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Nina Marren

NYC Department of Transportation


Harumi Ori


My sculpture series, “I am Here”, captures the space and time of a moment. Each piece begins by studying, observing, photographing, and drawing. These moments are sculpted using an industrial plastic, orange mesh, a holy color in Japan. This material creates beautiful effects – folds render volume of people and surroundings. As the pieces come together, the connections between individuals, groups, streets, buildings, and landscapes shared, are further revealed. I wish to express the beauty of these relationships–the significance of singular moments; the space each “owns”. When finished, they are titled with the place, time, date of the moment captured.


The project I created for this public art opportunity was a large-scale, site-specific artwork titled, “I am Here@Bay Street and Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, June 2, 2017, 7:55am”, a sculptural snapshot of people gathering in this community. This documented and celebrated the diversity of this area. I hope when people view my artwork they will appreciate their existence and the beauty of their everyday life, and realize sharing space and time with other people is such a wonderful thing.


DOT guided and supported me through this experience. Scheduling installation and deinstallation dates, and acquiring permissions for me. DOT also publicized my artwork.

Additional Information

The “I am Here” series reproduces the shared space and time of a single moment. The poem below by Michio Mado, which has inspired the series. I am Here When I stand here, Nothing else can stand over me, At this very place where I occupy. If there is an elephant here, Only the elephant could be here. If there is a bean here, Only the bean could be here. Nothing else. On Earth, The existence of being is protected and treasured as such. No matter what it is, No matter where it is. And it is the existence of being, More than anything else, That is the most wonderful thing on Earth.