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Hyatt | DTC

Submitted by Jillian Pate


Client: Hyatt

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $4,500

Project Team


Jillian Pate

Art Consultant

Brenda Locke


Interior Designer

FRCH Design Worldwide


The commissioned work greets guests as they enter the hotel adjacent to the check-in and faces the grand staircase and the convention rooms. The diptych measures 60″wide by 66″ tall. Hand cut steel panels are mounted to a custom built wooden platform frame.


The Hyatt’s new lobby and restaurant renovation aims to capture the progressive and energetic spirit of Denver as a bold contemporary example of cultural and economic achievement. Upon entering the lower lobby, you’re greeted at check-in by a series of expansive contrasting planes, textural and organic, smooth and translucent. Materials are natural stone, wood and leather, and the light levels are lower, creating a dense monolithic foundation of support for the more ethereal second level. A grand staircase ushers you to the registration area on the Mezzanine level where the space is light, airy and ethereal while he furnishings are recognizable, casual, and comfortable. The art selection adds textural value and balancing the rough wildness of Colorado, and the modern refinement of urbanism.


The design process between Faulkner Locke, the design team from FRCH worldwide and Jillian was thoroughly integrated, with 12 mos. of conversations and approvals from client. The work was installed by a third party.