Beehive proposal - CODAworx

Beehive proposal

Submitted by Lynda Cronin


Client: City of Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

City of Ottawa


Lynda Cronin


Made from polished steel and iridescent polycarbonate Beehive, Housefly and Butterflybarn are three significant sculptures specifically designed for the neighborhood of Ottawa East. Combining natural imagery which references the essential pollinators, Bee, Fly and Butterfly with specific architectural forms within a growing urban community.


The sculptures Beehive, Housefly and Butterflybarn - allude to some of natures essential pollinators and combine natural imagery with architectural forms to create unique pieces that are meaningfully designed for the residents and visitors of this Ottawa community. These thematically connected works are based on similar design principles, providing a continuity of approach along the full length of the street, connecting one end of the community to the other.


This project was conceived after much consultation with City planers , engineers and the landscape architect. The Echo Drive site is close to the Historic Rideau Canal, a UNESCO world heritage site and as such is visible from many vantage points. As a signature piece for the Ottawa East community, it acts as a beacon for the neighborhood encouraging visitors and residents to explore the community. Elegantly designed it is well suited to the site and allows for flexible visibility at the base.

Additional Information

The core aspect of urban sustainability is reflected in the choice of balancing design elements, architecture and nature and the coexistence of each as the community grows and changes with increasing demands for intensification. This essential balance is further explored with the community garden, just up the street from the Riverdale site. A incorporated solar panel provide energy efficient illumination and compliments and expounds upon living in a green environment.