Hotel Las Arenas Rooftop Remodelling


Client: Hotel Las Arenas

Location: Benalmadena, Spain

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Francisco Carrasco Pérez

Francisco Carrasco Arquitectos


Jaime Martinez

Hotel Las Arenas

Industry Resource

Juan Carretero Llorente

Lumiartecnia Internacional


Jaime Martinez, a courageous and visionary hotel entrepreneur, led a human team with extensive professional experience to create a unique customer experience: a chill-out sky bar which integrates as an amenity the first musical dry deck fountain in the world built on the roof of a building.


The architect team had to face the challenge of transforming the first deck, the closest to the sea, to create an aquatic element as a visual background and, at the same time, use it as a bathing area where the hotel guests can cool off in the hot summer days.


For the deck remodeling, the architect used and reinvented all the elements that already existed on the roof: he took advantage of the existing slope to house the dry deck fountain equipments, the ventilation chimneys were redesigned into beautiful stainless steel columns, framing the sea in the background, the wall of the elevator were elongated to create a stony wall from which two waterfalls emerge. Materials with natural and muted tones were used for the tiles. LI-F5200 walkable compact jets, patented by Lumiartecnia, were used for the musical dry deck fountain jets.

Additional Information

South of Spain, Costa del Sol, Hotel Las Arenas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Light of Andalusia. After turning the roof of this exclusive hotel into a luxurious Sky Bar with a magnificent solarium, the guests can relax and enjoy its wonderful location next to the Mediterranean sea. Water is the main protagonist in this unique scenario, its movement through the play of colored jets and cascades, dancing to the rhythm of the background music, create a wonderful interactive spectacle in which the spectator can be protagonist, participating and playing with the water elements.