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Hotel Adeline

Client: Studio 11 Design

Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $12,000,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Kellie Sirna

Studio 11 Design

Interior Designer

Lou Verne by Studio 11 Design


ESI Ventures


HRI Properties


Development Services


Studio 11 Design was challenged with the complete renovation of Arizona’s groundbreaking 213-room boutique Hotel Adeline. Intent on creating a contemporary-meets-bohemian design aesthetic with hints of mid-century design, the team relied on their artistic and styling component, Lou Verne. The Arizona-influenced artwork was curated by Lou Verne to inspire guests to revel in the unexpected, unique works of art in the lobby and restaurant.


A major goal for Lou Verne was to maintain the hotel’s vision infused with a unique experience in the repositioning and rebranding the property. The overall aesthetic shows a strong connection to the spirit of the landscape with the use of textures, materials, and patterns familiar to the history and story of the area. To reflect a modern Scottsdale, Lou Verne used local and commissioned pieces including a custom hand-woven, hand-dyed wall-hanging in the lobby suspended from a piece of driftwood from the Pacific Coast. Colorful prints and photographs bedeck the public spaces and guest rooms to create a collage wall.


An integral element of collaboration between hotel ownership and the design team was to create spaces and artwork that told a story, but also created a sense of infinite open-ended space that would resonate with the public and locals alike. With ownership’s goal of creating a hotel that would also feel like it serves the community, the design team recognized a need for highlighting spaces to encourage interaction. Starting from the reception desk, guests and visitors embark on a journey of discovery that continues through to a new restaurant concept, state-of-the-art fitness center, and a meeting space. A double-sided fireplace between the lobby and bar serves as the pivot point of the space. Decor and artwork throughout draws visitors further in and inspired conversation and connectivity with the natural setting and each other. Anchored by a pool overlooking endless vistas, the entire hotel concept is a play upon Scottsdale’s incredible connection to art, design and nature.

Additional Information

Sharp and uncomplicated with a large focus on natural lighting and generating energy, the team was collectively able to create a space reflective of the boundlessness of its desert environs. Drawing from Scottsdale’s artistic heritage and resurgence, Lou Verne set to work enlisting local artists and uncovering natural artifacts to pay homage to the hotel’s breathtaking desert setting.