Horizon - CODAworx


Submitted by Init


Location: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Main Creator

Olivier Landreville

Co Creator

Serge Maheu



Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux



Created to offer the public a haven of serenity, the Horizon art installation heightens the imagination and frees the mind. Just sit comfortably in the cocoon and raise your eyes to discover a starry vault, a flock of birds, or a calming canopy. Inspired by the theme of the sky, these three unique visuals transport us to a place larger than ourselves that allows us to rediscover the magical feeling of experiencing the world in sweet solitude.

Each of these five egg-shaped units are equipped with an artfully-curved urban chair that rocks and invites you to daydream or, if you choose to share the experience, chat with a friend. Wooden materials, subtle, blue-tinted lighting and all-enveloping soundscapes provide a harmonious space that brings users close to nature.

The calm, rhythmic rocking of the cocoon’s chair triggers a light and sound experience for each theme. During the day, the sun creates delightful light and shadow effects as it comes through the dome while in the evening, pulses of light are reflected on the walls to create a magical experience. Each unit is accompanied by music inspired by the sound of birds, wind or stars. These beautifully crafted sound environments punctuate what is a very personal experience and help to generate feelings of comfort and serenity.


Horizon provides a soothing universe. It lets you lift your eyes to the sky
and rediscover the magical feeling of being alone in the world, in a
universe that’s larger than yourself. It’s the same feeling that children
have when they lie down in the grass, watch the sky for hours, and forget
the space they are in. This is what I am looking to offer with Horizon, no
matter where you are on the planet. (Olivier Landreville - Creator)

The objective while creating this installation was that the users come out of Horizon feeling relaxed, with positive energy, and aprofound sense of calm which they can then share with their community. Wooden materials, subtle, blue-tinted lighting and all-enveloping soundscapes were chosen to provide a harmonious space that brings users close to


After successfully collaborating for the creation of the installation LAPS, Init and Creos partners once more with scenographer Olivier Landreville for the creation of Horizon.
Collaborating with the creator to make sure its vision was respected, Init’s role was to give life to the concept. Combining innovation and expertise, Init, with many partners (Serge Maheu, Maintenance
Industries Meca-Fab inc. and Escouade l’Atelier amongst them), created and produced Horizon, an installation that answers the higher quality standards. Making sure that the interactive installation would also be tourable.
Creos' mission is to make Horizon travels all around the world in order to democratize the interactive artwork. As the world leading agency for tourable public interactive installations in urban spaces, Creos can count Horizon as a perfect addition to the existing portfolio available for all public space managers that are eager to present art in a whole new form.

Additional Information

The visual of the starry sky was inspired by the stars seen from Montreal during the installation’s creation. (April 2023). The urban armchair and part of the structure are made from urban ash! This gave a second life to trees that had to be cut down by the city of Montreal because of emerald ash borer disease. Photos: Init & Bernard Brault (St-Bruno-de-Montarville), Downtown Detroit Partnership (Detroit)