"Honor" - CODAworx


Submitted by Naomi Moes


Client: WCTC

Location: Waukesha, WI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Naomi Moes


CEO and casting director

Jeremy Fairchild

Kalispel Art Castings


“Honor” is a 12 foot tall bronze symbolic sculpture of an owl flying out of the Book of Knowledge that has a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King inscribed upon it, honoring the faculty of WCTC in Wisconsin. It is a stylized representational rendering of a Great Horned Owl with a scroll in her talons.The sculpture is installed on the school grounds and has a strong visual presence from all directions. Further work was done with benches and planters to create a restful area for the public to enjoy and contemplate.


WCTC wanted a Sculpture commission that honors all past and present faculty. The committee wanted a symbolic image to show their appreciation for their educators past and present. They wanted a sculpture that would be viewed from most areas of the campus and have a dramatic visual impact.


Once the design concept was approved, then the first collaboration started with structural engineers at Alumacast to fabricate the steel girder for the arch.Once that was completed, then work began with the oil based clay, sculpting of the owl and book. Further collaboration began with Kalispel Art Castings for the mold making and eventual casting. After that, the full size sculpture was shipped to Montana to the Foundry where the mold making process began. I flew there two times, once to repair damage to the clay after it arrived, and secondly after the casting was done, to do the final chasing and apply the patina.
When the sculpture returned to Wisconsin I inspected it for any shipping damage and then the discussed the installation with the college.

Additional Information

"Honor" is located in a restful courtyard in the center of the WCTC Campus and is available to view anytime.