Hong Kong Swimmers

Submitted by Carole Feuerman


Client: Harbour City

Location: Harbour City, Hong Kong, China

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $1,500,000

Project Team


Carole Feuerman

The Second LSC, Ltd


Andrew Yeung

Andy Tong Creations Ltd. Co

Art Consultant

David Brown

Feuerman Studios, Inc.


Solo exhibition on the Harbour in Hong Kong. Six of my hyper-realistic sculptures will be exhibited in and around a 3D pool filled with a little water to enhance the realistic effect. Some of the sculptures will be bronze and a monumental size such as my 16' The Golden Mean sculpture of a diver.


The idea is to bring fine art and sculpture o the public and give them an added awareness of art and western culture.


All sculptres were made in my NY studio and shipped to Hong Kong. I worked with a design team located in Hong Kong, to create the setting and large interactive swimming pool on the harbor next to the star ferry. It took 46 installers one evening to install all six pieces. The installation had to take place in the night since in the day, thousands of people walk in that area on their way to the star ferry and to the Marco Polo Hotel and the Harbour City Shopping Mall.

Additional Information

This is the first time sculpture a d 3D design of an interactive swimming pool, coupled with water and three of my sculptures were shown in Hong Kong. This installation was never been exhibited anywhere else in the world until this exhibition. The technology of interactive water projected into a swimming pool with not water, and sculptures in the pool made to look like they were floating, were one of the chalanges the design team and myself faced.