Honey Guide - CODAworx

Honey Guide

Submitted by Dominic Laporte


Location: Sibiu, Romania

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Lead Artist

Dominic Laporte

Drift Mural Co

Project Manager / Assistant

Anais Labreque

Drift Mural Co


25 x 30’
Sibiu, Romania – 2023
Exterior mural for Sibiu International Street Art Festival
Exterior acrylic latex paint and Montana 94 spray paint on concrete


I received an invitation to Romania for the Sibiu International Street Art Festival, where I had the opportunity to transform one my gallery paintings into a monumental mural. As part of my showcase "Sky Burial," here was an example of one of my paintings that has been magnified into a large-scale mural. It beautifully depicts the symbiotic relationship between the honey guide bird species and the humans it guides to the honey, creating a shared bounty and mutual enjoyment for both.