Holoscenes in Times Square NYC - CODAworx

Holoscenes in Times Square NYC


Location: New York City, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Lars Jan

Early Morning Opera

Site producer

Mapp International

Mapp International Production


Holoscenes, was presented as part of the World Science Festival’s tenth anniversary season. This performance/installation was created by Lars Jan’s Early Morning Opera company and is a visceral and visual performative collision of the human body and water. Holoscenes was created out of concern that as global sea levels rise, flooding and drought will become the central issue of the 21st century. The installation features a totemic aquarium-like sculpture filled and drained by a custom hydraulic system capable of flooding the aquarium with 12 tons of water in 45 seconds.


Holoscenes weaves the unraveling story of water, the rising seas, melting glaciers, intensifying floods and draughts in to the pattern of the everyday. The ebb and flow of water and resulting transfiguration of human behavior offered and elemental portrait of our collective adaptation.


The collaboration was among Times Square Arts, the World Science Festival, artist/creator Lars Jan and the production expertise of Mapp International Productions.