Hilton Garden Inn

Submitted by Cheryl Maeder


Client: American & International Design for Hilton Garden Inn

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Interior Designer

Susan Huckvale Arann

American & International Designs, Inc.


GardenWalls, Japanese Spring Collection,Yellow was installed at the Hilton Garden Inn, Lobby Lounge area. The total sq. feet: 455 ft.


The client wanted a more natural-insured environment with a modern approach for their main lobby area. The design firm, American & International Design requested GardenWalls as they wanted to bring the natural elements of nature indoors.


GardenWalls, nature-inspired wall coverings, are custom designed to fit any wall size. I created a design purposefully tailored to work with the specific dimensions. I collaborated closely with the design firm through the entire process, resulting in a magnificent installation.

Additional Information

American & International Design Firm and Hilton Garden Inn were extremely pleased with the installation. The collaboration was a great success for everyone.