Hidden Radiance - CODAworx

Hidden Radiance

Client: Private Collector

Location: East Hampton, NY, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Wayne LaPierre

The Taradash Studio


Meryl Taradash


Suspended Rotating, Shaped Silicon Bronze, Accompanying Wall Relief Projecting on Granite Wall with Reflected Light. 62″h x75″w x 30″d. The installation features two organic wall sections that project from their stone environment and is accompanies by two curved elements suspending from the ceiling.


The collector wanted to soften the large quarried granite wall at the end of the hallway. After experimenting with several sculptural materials, we decided upon silicon bronze. In its raw state the material appears reddish, like the color of a brick. During polishing it becomes a golden color with the warmth of the red glowing from within. The commission enabled me to work in silicon bronze for the first time. Gentle breezes enable the suspensions to rotate and create light patterns on the floor. The design was inspired by the movement of water.


As part of my process, I traced the placement of the hand cut granite on a large piece of acetate. I coordinated the location of the forms with the stones to develop the attachments for the relief..

Additional Information

I worked with fabricator and engineer Wayne La Pierre to create this commission.