Hera – The Blue Heron

Submitted by Lee Bell


Client: Alpharetta Arts

Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $9,500

Project Team


Lee Bell

Black Lily Studio


Jon Dowd

Dowd studio


Recently exhibited in Alpharetta ,Georgia in the Omnium Gatherum outdoor sculpture program behind city hall.
Intended for outdoor sculpture competitions and gallery display . Mixed media, recycled media , steel , compounded cement and lath. Exterior concrete dyes and stains, sealant.


Integration into the landscape on walking trails with water features was an ideal location for display in Alpharetta , Georgia. Hera was on loan for a one year exhibition and is currently back in the pool of available works

Additional Information

This work is now installed behind city hall in Alpharetta Georgia for one year as part of the Omnium Gatherum exhibit