Helix - CODAworx

Client: Codina Partners for LUX Doral

Location: Doral, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Visionary, Electronics, and Code

Jen Lewin

Jen Lewin Studio

Metal Fabrication

Eric Small

EES Designs


An interactive beacon of light that generates light effects as you move beneath it

Based on the dimensions of the golden ratio, Jen Lewin developed HELIX, a series of twenty-four spires laid out in the form of a nautilus shell, twisting upward. When you interact with this work, it creates an immersive environment that almost seems to envelop you in flames of rainbow light. We see the golden ratio all around us in nature—from the nautilus shell, to the petals of a lily, spiral galaxies, hurricane patterns, and even the ratios of human faces. Artists have used this mathematical principle throughout art history, and its proportions were mathematically approximated by the Italian mathematician known as Fibonacci. Lewin is interested in this form because it demonstrates how math prevails throughout the natural and built worlds, and how we as humans are drawn to the beauty found within our environments, and ourselves.


ANDANTE and HELIX comprise a pair of sculptures positioned at opposite ends of the Paseo that are designed to combine mathematical, musical, and dance principles into interactive experiences that stimulate multiple senses. Trained as a dancer, musician, and architect, Jen Lewin combines all of these disciplines in her visual work. Just as people can trigger sensors on ANDANTE and HELIX, the sculptures simultaneously activate the human senses—initiating a flow of energy between the artworks and the participants.