Helianthus Enorme - CODAworx

Helianthus Enorme

Submitted by Alchemy Arts


Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Brian Pinkham

Photonic Bliss


Randell Lamontagne



Chad "Fez" Gaetz

Alchemy Arts Collective


Inspired by the Fibonaccian geometry found in the “head” of the disk floret, “H.E.” was born as a modular installation to showcase the proud stature of a sunflower. Comprised of rolled steel, an up-cycled satellite dish, acrylic plastic, and 3500 individually addressable LED lights. 25't, 21'w.


A team of journeyman fabricators began the fabrication process to create the dream of a design to "push boundaries." The concept was simple, a 25' tall sunflower with compelling LED controlled illumination. From design & engineering to finished fabrication was a rapid process of only 6 weeks. Turning the piece over to the LED specialists required moving across state lines, where the crew went to work writing code and wiring the sculpture. Works like this take many hands, good communication and dedication, and all those at play did remarkable work.

Additional Information

Helianthus Enrome is a modular touring installation showing at dozens of events, both private and public, from 2014 to current.