Heartwork - CODAworx


Submitted by Virginia Bacheler


Location: Brockport, NY, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Virginia Bacheler


James Bareis


The Village of Brockport commissioned this sculpture to help create a walking environment for residents. By having “destinations” of art along the way, the village hoped to have more people out walking in their immediate environment. I chronicled the design, fabrication and installation of this work over a year's time.


The artist chose a bed as the primary image for this work: Brockport is where she has spent most of her professional life and it's an image that says "home" to her. She has worked here, raised children here and plans to stay in Brockport as her artist life unfolds. The village art committee selected a site that was easily accessible to adults and children throughout the year.


The artist allowed me (videographer/editor) to record her designing the beginning sketches as well as problem solving with various vendors who would help bend metal, die cut small pieces and paint the finished work so it would withstand the elements. At all times, I was a fly on the wall, even to the point of recording her talking to herself as the process unfolded.

Additional Information

What I hoped to capture with this video was the creative process and to "hear" the artist share her problem solving techniques as the design came into focus.