Hearth Love - CODAworx

Hearth Love

Submitted by Aima Saint Hunon

Client: Private

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Aima Saint Hunon



Bronze, 29x17x39 inches

This sculpture is an homage to the eternal female that resides at the core of each human being. It wants to awaken the goddess that sleeps in each woman. She, like all my sculptures, reveals the sacred, female dimension to us by relating to the profound depth of our heart and our soul. My female creations, The Goddesses, have the power to stimulate recognition within us. These Goddesses exacerbate the expression of the core of our femininity by inviting us into our sacred cave, where our innermost resources coil.


An individual collector commissioned this sculpture for his Victorian home. The bronze sculpture had to feed into the timelessness of the mansion. The house itself, located in Sugar Hill, a landmark district of Harlem, is a keystone of the cultural heritage of New York City. The refined antique furniture throughout the house resonates with my own artistic taste.


The commissioner fell in love with my sculptures. He wanted a special shape, color and size. After few meetings, I started a small prototype in clay.
He loved the small project! Then we planned my flight to China and I spend 3 months over there in a foundry to complete and control every step of the process of crafting the bronze sculpture.
The commissioner could follow my working process until the end.
Then I shipped the final product by boat to New York.