Submitted by Elyse Harrison

Client: Bethesda, Maryland

Location: Bethesda, MD, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Elyse Harrison

Elyse Harrison Art

Industry Resource

Cris McCarthy

Dodge Chrome


HEART SONG is a 16’ x 8’ mural located on the rear wall of a privately owned building on Cordell Ave which faces highly populated Old Georgetown Rd in downtown Bethesda, Maryland.


This artwork was was funded through an Individual Artists Grant from The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County and The Bethesda Urban Partnership’s Arts and Entertainment Board, both located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Interest and support in creating this mural was to add to the vibrancy of downtown Bethesda, a state appointed Arts and Entertainment District.


The mural successfully adds a bright, eye catching moment to the cultural landscape of downtown Bethesda. By creating the original artwork in studio, the artist was able to craft a highly detailed composition. The original art was then enlarged and printed on exterior vinyl and mounted on a brick wall at the top of a two story building.

Additional Information

Inspiration for this artwork came from the artist’s appreciation for bold, large scale images she has studied which grace the walls of cities all over the world. Using a bright palette and extreme patterning, HEART SONG projects an upbeat image of a woman expressing creativity and love through song. The mural succeeds in delighting the public with its charismatic charm and positive message.