Heart of Uptown

Submitted by Stacia Goodman Mosaics


Client: The Ackerberg Group

Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $170,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Hart Johnson

Tivoli Too


Stacia Goodman

Stacia Goodman Mosaics LLC

Industry Resource

Aravinth Panch

Aravinth Panch


Can you hear my heartbeat now? This exterior mosaic sculpture (11'w x 12'h) features electronic sensors, an internal EKG and subwoofers. When a viewer place her or his hands on the sensors, the sculpture plays back the viewer's very own thumping heartbeat out loud. A world first! Video coming soon.


The mosaic sculpture was essential to the completion of a public plaza between two commercial office buildings, named MoZaic East and MoZaic West, built by the same developer. The sculpture, called "The Heart of Uptown," is also sited at the center of a vibrant urban commercial area called "Uptown."


This was true team effort. I led a collaborative process between the commissioner, the fiberglass form manufacturing company, Aravinth Panch (a Berlin-based new media artist and embedded systems engineer responsible for the interactive elements), and tile and mirror suppliers.

Additional Information

I believe this is the first-ever interactive mosaic sculpture anywhere. It includes over 19,000 individually placed tiles made of 98 percent recycled glass.