Healtheast Medical Center


Client: Art Partners Group

Location: Maplewood, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Alexander Tylevich

Tylevich Studio

Art Consultant

Kim Cameron

Art Partners Group

Industry Resource

Matthew J. Van Hoof, Daniel A. Jaeger

KOMA Architects, Designers, Engineers

Industry Resource

Jan Peters

Glasmalerei Peters GmbH

Industry Resource

David Wagner

Glassblade Consultants, LLC


This composition’s focal point is a suspended blossoming flower, representative of Minnesota’s state flower, called the Lady Slipper. The flower’s petals are made of a stainless steel screen material. Additionally, a sequence of bent dichroic glass installations, resembling flower petals, are suspended near the composition. The formed arcs tilt toward the atrium’s grand stairs.


The art concept fits seamlessly within the building’s design, taking advantage of the space layout and the entrance area windows. The artwork is a playful and beautiful expression of both the calm and movement within the building


Perhaps the best single word to describe my approach is ‘confluence.’ Over the years, my work has demonstrated a purposeful co-mingling of the two disciplines of architecture and sculpture. Architecturally integrated art is a constant and prominent feature in all of my projects. My intention is always to create an artwork that is site-specific and engages the site both physically and conceptually. I aim to incorporate different layers of meaning into my work, using a broad and ever-changing palette of products, the most durable materials, and new technologies