Healthcare Watercolor Wallpaper

Submitted by Janelle Baglien


Client: Confidential Client

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Jimmy Macias

HMC Architects

Art Consultant

Janelle Baglien

Studio Art Direct


11 gorgeous art wall installations were created for “porch style” waiting areas in this new Medical Office Building. Each art wall was hand-painted on Arches hot press paper with watercolor and india ink in the studio by Janelle Baglien then scanned in segments, stitched back together, and printed with archival ink on 30 oz sustainable, Fire rated A wallpaper material and installed unto 9'0″ x 24'0″ walls.


As with all healthcare projects, we invoke nature into the artwork to aid in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rates. It was imperative that we enhance the overall interior design to integrate the wall and furniture colors into the original watercolor paintings to compliment the overall look and feel of the space. In addition, full spectrum complimentary colors were added to enhance the and furniture fabrics was critical to the watercolor commissions so that the paintings not only enhanced the interiors but also added full spectrum color to the building. Each original watercolor painting had a nature theme and was inspired by local poetry by regional poets.


Artist Janelle Baglien, president of Studio Art Direct, art consultants for the project, worked very closely with architects and interior designers HMC and PKA Architects. The overall design and studio reviews were also highly collaborative with the client, one of the largest healthcare providers in the West. From design concept to completion this project took 1 year. The actual original paintings were created over a 3 month period. The pre-press required intensive calibrations, adjustments and profiling to perfect the artwork from original, to scan to final printed wallpaper. Overall there were 5 rounds of digital and full size strike-offs prior to final production. Studio Art Direct provided all art creation, pre-press, and production and installation from their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The client required local artists for the project and the imagery had to meet licensing stipulations and VARA waivers.

Additional Information

There is a trend in commercial and residential interior design towards large-scale art walls and especially wallpaper. Of course there are many stock wallpapers that can be purchased off the shelf, but to really elevate the design for this healthcare project and to fulfill the mandate of the client to utilize local artists and makers, Janelle Baglien agreed to take on the project as the artist, which is rare for her to do.