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Healing French Style

Submitted by Shu Ching Tan

Client: Ms. Hung

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Shu-Ching Tan

Herzu Interior Design


Fishbone Design CO., LTD


This is an 1170 sq. ft. project in urban area.A romantic French style is the requirement of our client. Herzu Design captures the core spirit of French Style,creates a new and metropolitan French Style in this project.The purpose is to create comfortable line proportion and the light and white color match in the design. The inverted L shape moulding is the key element in this project.This concept applied to the TV wall and extended to the wall outside of master bedroom.The customized inverted L shape bookcases in the study room is perfectly enhance Healing French Style.These are consistently designed.


In design perspective,we communicate with client to change the traditional though toward French style. Herzu Design apply moulding which commonly use in French style, integrated with lighting, inverted L shapes, metals, white and silver colors to create a whole new French Style which remain the concept of Healing in the space.In order to create a layering and variousness effect in the space, apply pile up moulding, which is commonly seen in the traditional French Style design, and combine it with open and extended lines. We also substitute the traditionally symmetrical approach in shaping lines with asymmetrical lines in order to create a whole new French Style.The inverted L shape moulding on the walls and inverted L shape bookcases in the study room are consistently design. After confirming the main concept, we also take consideration on integrating the existing control panels with the inverted L shape, accessibility and the vision of proportion. In technical way, we overcome some difficult issue for the light installed inside the inverted L shape to avoid the uncomfortable spot light. We use the technic of light projected on the moudling to delineate the space, and it brings a sense of metropolitan fashion to the space.


After being commission by our client, she mentioned that she was keened on the romantic of French Style. We have a few discussions; we realized that she likes the tranquility and comfortability of our pass projects. She accepted our new concept of Healing French Style finally. The Chief Designer of Herzu Interior Design, Shu-Ching Tan(Tam), sketch out the main concept by free-hand drawing, discuss the key points with team designers, integrate existing equipment, panels, circuit configuration which match with the creative concept, and discuss construction detail with the fabricators. To overcome the of lighting problems installed inside the inverted L shape moulding, Fishbone Design CO., LTD our lighting consultant provided their professional suggestion to make the light comfortable and reduced the spot light. In the soft decoration, Tam applies the sense of light-weighted with light colors, and metropolitan French Style to the space. The soft decorative designer complies the concepts and choose the perfect furniture, lamp and decorative to bring the space to life.

Additional Information

The inverted L shapes is also the main design concept for the bookcases in the study room. As the light beams down on the shelves, the translucent brown-colored glass serves as a separator, enhancing the varieties in the materials. The slanting edge of the suspended bookshelf and the drawers display a slim and floaty look. The table legs which are made of glasses, are stacked on/piled up on each other using the same concept of overlapped lines.