Sculptural Entrance Canopy - CODAworx

Sculptural Entrance Canopy

Client: Haycon Building LLC

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Jacob Kulin



John Thomsen

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Industry Resource

Smith & Sons Machine Inc.


David Kurtis Photography


Commissioned by Haycon Building, Jacob Kulin designed, fabricated and installed a front entrance canopy that serves as a visual and functional accent to the newly renovated building. The design incorporates seven plates or blades (each with a specific pitch & yaw) placed together so rain water cascades down each blade and is directed to a bronze downspout located to the left side. Materials are COR-TEN steel, stainless steel, bronze and weighs over a ton. Dimensions are 3ft high x 15ft wide x 4ft deep. An entrance that links overhead canopy with downspout and planter for a balanced, cohesive entry composition.


The mission was to create a bold entrance, made with contemporary materials that remain timeless in design, stand the test of mother nature and represent the quality of work accomplished when collaborating with HAYCON. The goal was to integrate a geometric, modular overhead canopy that energized the otherwise bland building facade and allowed rainwater to cascade down each of the modular blades thereby eliminating need for a gutter.


The founder of HAYCON allowed freedom to create something unique, artistic and useful. A team of people successfully accomplished this task through clear communication and understanding of site and community.

Additional Information

There were complexities involved with hanging a one ton COR-TEN steel canopy off the side of a building and over a large windowed glass entry. The engineering behind the design called for detailed connections made through the exterior wall and into the interior steel ceiling trellis system.