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Hawaiian Bros. Island Grill Restaurant

Submitted by Clockwork Architecture + Design

Client: Hawaiian Bros. Island Grill Restaurant

Location: Kansas City, MO, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $24,998

Project Team

Project Architect

Daniel Umscheid

Clockwork Architecture

Project Designer

Elle Abernathy

Clockwork Architecture

Artist & Fabrication Designer

Tyler Coey

Never Done Design House

Architectural Photography

Tony Thompson

Thompson Photography

General Contractor

ARC Construction

ARC General Contracting


Hawaiian Bros., a new fast-casual concept in the restaurant industry provides guests with an authentic taste of Hawaiian BBQ. Their cuisine is a point of pride for Hawaiian Bros. It is never frozen, it’s handcrafted, and it’s personal. The design team wanted to ensure the same amount of thought, detail and craft was reflected in the design of the space.
Clockwork, NeverDone and the HBros ownership team worked closely to design this 5,700 SF flagship location. What makes the environment so unique you ask? The amount of detail, thought and creativity that was injected into each design element, from the larger-than-life hand-painted wave mural down to the cabinet pulls, which were custom cnc-crafted wooden pineapples.
The success of the overall project came from the collaboration between the architects, designers, metalworkers, wood-workers and local artists in the Kansas City Community.


The integration of local Kansas City artists into the project is the primary reason the outcome was so successful. The architecture team collaborated heavily with the artists to weave their hand-crafted work seamlessly into the built environment.
One of our favorite elements is the 20’ tall hand-painted wave mural. The mural was conceptualized and created by students from a local art institute. The design team provided the artists with a blank canvas and empowered the team of artists to imagine an image that would connect restaurant guests with Hawaii.
Throughout the entire design process, the artists and designers collaborated on each unique element; deciding what the material was, how it would look, feel and improve the guest experience. Each detail was created to provide the guest with an emotional and nostalgic connection to Hawaii.


The Clockwork team worked closely with Tyler at his small studio in an area of Kansas City, which is known for their industrial warehouses, filled with artist studios. Sketch sessions and charrettes were often held, which allowed the designers and artists to collaborate on each element of the project. The Never Done Studio, a working fabrication studio was filled with metals, woods, plastics, which allowed the architects to touch, feel and see the materials before fabrication.
Aside from the overall aesthetic of the element(s), the team also collaborated on the durability, functionality and cost of each item. A great example is the dimensional installation of the five Hawaiian Islands, which was a CNC-cutout of PVC sheeting for both cleanability and cost-saving purposes.
Working alongside the artists and fabricators allowed the design team to create a space that is not only inviting, fun and quirky, but also one that connects back to the Hbros. brand of authentic, hand-crafted food.

Additional Information

This collaborative process between designers, artists and owner has created one of the most unique restaurant experiences in Kansas City. This fusion of design, art and craft is one that has been noticed by guests and owners alike. Although located in the mid-west, this art & design collaboration has created a unique emotional connection to Hawaii. The restaurant has seen the impact of this through personal testimony, repeat business and exponential growth. The food, design, and brand have been lauded by locals and is quickly becoming a regional favorite. Hawaiian Bros Island Grill is truly making waves. Aloha