Hatch - CODAworx


Submitted by Martin Richman

Client: Workspace

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Martin Richman


Emma-Kate Mathews

Price & Myers Consulting Engineers


Permanent lobby installation. A dichroic, acrylic mobile in the shape of an egg, approx. 12m high x 5m wide [40ft x 18ft] composed of small, acrylic rectangles [180mm x 40mm] suspended on nylon line.


The space acts as entrance and throughway to offices and apartments. The piece was designed to occupy the space, indicating its presence and unifying the perception of the lobby. I was interested in exploring the dematerialisation of space and the partial occupation of the street outside, especially at times of sunlight entering the lobby space.


I had great support from the architectural team and the developers. There were substantial difficulties with the installation process due to the client's particularities.

Additional Information

I was required to install the work in a particular manner involving cherry picker lifts, which made the installation process immensely stressful and more complex than necessary. The entire piece hangs through a mirror mounted on the ceiling. My preferred installation technique would have made use of a hoist so that work could have been done from the ground.