Harvest - CODAworx


Client: West Haymarket Joint Public Agency

Location: Lincoln, NE, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $890,000

Project Team


Curtis Pittman

Computer Modeling & Working Drawings: Curtis Pittman



Engineering: KPFF

Industry Resource

Biella Lighting Design

Lighting Design: Biella Lighting Design


Puritan Manufacturing

Metal fabrication: Puritan Manufacturing


Davis Erection

Steel Erection: Davis Erection


Haefker Studio

Glass Fabrication: Haefker Studio

Landscape Architect

The Clark Enersen Partners

The Clark Enersen Partners


Ed Carpenter


Arleen Daugherty

Project Administration: Arleen Daugherty


Joint Public Agency

Joint Public Agency

Industry Resource

Hampton Construction

Site Preparation: Hampton Construction

Industry Resource

City of Lincoln Project Management: Project Control


Lincoln NE Haymarket Plaza, Pinnacle Bank Arena, 2016 /
“Harvest” / Plaza sculpture / 48’ W x 45’ H /
Stainless Steel, laminated dichroic glass, copper, lighting. /
Designed to contribute on both the big urban scale and the intimate pedestrian scale. When experienced on approach through the plaza, the sculpture will reveal increasing complexity and fine craftsmanship.


The City of Lincoln NE sought a landmark sculpture to complement the Pinnacle Bank Arena then under construction in the revitalized Haymarket District. Carpenter won the commission based on a design submitted in 2012, but, because of funding delays, the project was not completed until 2016. Carpenter’s challenge was creating a piece big enough to hold its own alongside the 16,000 seat arena, while not blocking views along adjacent streets toward the Arena. His solution was a 45’ tall partially transparent structure that has a bold luminous presence on the center axis of Canopy Street and is fully visible on the cross axis as well, while preserving views of the Arena. The curving forms of the sculpture complement those of the Arena and may also suggest a sheaf of wheat, a fountain, or the supports of the preserved train canopies along Canopy street.


The creation of “Harvest” involved collaboration with the project architects, landscape architects, officials in the Mayor’s office, the City’s project manager, a steel fabricator in Omaha, a general contractor in Lincoln, and a host of local subcontractors. Placement of the sculpture in relation to the Arena and integration with the already completed plaza paving and seating were major concerns. Various locations were studied through 3-D modeling prior to settling on the final location.

Additional Information

Fifty five thousand pounds of polished stainless steel were used in the fabrication of “Harvest”, along with 420 panels of laminated glass and 80 stainless steel cables structurally linking the sculpture from top to bottom.