Harvard Time Capsule - CODAworx

Harvard Time Capsule

Client: Harvard University

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Andrew Zolty



Mattias Gunneras



The Time Capsule series is an exploration in connecting people with those who have come before them, By capturing and replaying one’s experience of seeing their own silhouette come to life, they leave their mark upon the piece forever.

Harvard Time Capsule is made of Flip-Discs — a medium developed by BREAKFAST that uses electromagnets to rotate the physical pixels from one side to another.

When one walks up to the piece, they will see their image reflected back at them. When they step away, a portion of their interaction will replay, then be added to the Time Capsule. Over time, the piece will gather and replay thousands of interactions captured from today to back when the piece was first powered on.


Harvard wanted to commission an artwork that spoke both to their high-tech future as well as their prestigious past.