Harmonic Portal - CODAworx

Harmonic Portal

Submitted by Colour Burst

Client: Lumiere Durham

Location: Durham, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Kate Harvey



Chris Plant

Colour Burst


The portal is made from an 90cm diameter aluminium ring, fitted with IP68 RGB led stip inside and out, and is controlled by custom software running on a teensy board, which also outputs the audio based on colour of the light.


The light scupture was designed to accentuate the surface detail of the stone work prevelent in the medieval city of Durham. I also wanted it to be a mediation, something that you could loose yourself in, it functions as a mindfulness machine, bringing about a calm mental state, that is still active and aware as you try and find patterns in rythyms of light and sound.


The piece was commisioned by Lumiere light festival from an open call, they took care of all the infrastruture needed, and were very supportive of the project.

Additional Information

Harmonic Portal was a new work commissioned for Lumiere Festival Durham, 2017 http://www.lumiere-festival.com/durham-2017/ There were 5 pieces arranged around the walls of St Godrics Church, Durham, each is a portal into the surface of the wall, the light amplifies surface and can feel like a magnifying glass (or even an electron microscope at times.). They question how we perceive colour, the inside and outside, contrast and harmonise as time progresses, while this is mirrored by the generative sound track which reflects the colours, and utilises the frequencies of light as the musical scale They have since been exhibited at Lumiere London.