Hanging - CODAworx


Submitted by eileen blyth

Client: City of Gillette Wyoming

Location: Gillette, WY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Eileen Blyth

Marleen, LLC


Mark Finley

Marleen, LLC


Stainless steel, hand-spun hang drums are attached to powder coated steel seats. The bright colors are a contrast to sidewalks and green spaces. There is a design possibility for stainless steel seats/posts.
The design makes use of a pedestrian view. This adaptive installation lends itself to sidewalk surface or concrete pad. A display of 5 drums in a row is approximately 90" x 32" x 32". This can vary.
We are currently working with a lighting engineer to design and create an interactive light element. This would be a great project and a perfect space to see that through.


We are interested in creating simple moments of joy. Our work is intended to engage children of all ages. The intent of “Hanging” is to give the community a place to meet, rest, and play. There are no prerequisites for interacting. It is an opportunity for self expression. It gives the user a chance to connect with others, meet a friend or sit and contemplate. The sculpture calls to be examined and inspires all sorts of playful possibilities. Our goal in presenting this work is to encourage creativity and foster pride and goodwill.


We are a two artist team. We both bring our unique skills but this is an equal partnership and a total collaboration from design to fabrication. We have successfully worked with city managers, engineers, project managers and landscape designers to complete projects on time and under budget.

Additional Information

The interactive element is as much a part of the design as the sculpture is itself. Rubber tipped aluminium drumsticks have been added to the design to enhance the interactive experience. We haven't gotten tired of watching kids of all ages sit and play,