Hanging Mist - CODAworx

Hanging Mist

Submitted by LC Studio Tutto

Client: CFY Development

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $22,500

Project Team


Hennessy Christophel

LC Studio Tutto


Sofia Lacin

LC Studio Tutto


Ali Youssefi

CFY Development Inc.


Michael Malinowski

Interior Designer

Amy Aswell

Amy Aswell Interior Design

Landscape Architect

Edmonds Chandler

Loft Gardens


Warehouse Artists Lofts is a mixed-use community for artists located in Sacramento’s Arts District. The mixed-income development is made of two structures: a restored, historic six-story warehouse built in 1914 and a newly constructed warehouse-style building.

LC Studio Tutto was commissioned to design an installation for the inner-courtyard connecting the two buildings—the central gathering place for residents. The installation, Hanging Mist, is painted on 72 perforated aluminum panels, each panel measures 4-feet-by-10-feet. The panels are a colorful visual barrier that encloses the courtyard, allowing light and movement to peak through.


Warehouse Artists Lofts is a unique development. It was specifically designed for creatives to live, work, play, and collaborate with one another. Creativity is at the core of this in-fill development and therefore artwork is woven throughout the project to create a vibrant, inspiring atmosphere.

The open-air courtyard is the centerpiece of the complex, designed to serve as relaxing outdoor space for residents as well as a venue for community events. LC Studio Tutto’s art installation serves as the signature art piece for the project and defines the complex as a truly innovative project dedicated to fostering artistic growth in Sacramento.

Warehouse Artists Lofts is designed to function not just as affordable housing for creatives, but also as a home-base for an active and growing artist community. Common areas were thoughtfully placed throughout the project to enhance socializing and collaboration. The goal of Hanging Mist is to set a mood and create an environment in the development’s core communal space that is contemplative and free.

Hanging Mist is partially visible from the building’s exterior. Viewed from the street, deep blues and oversized brushstrokes from the large-scale courtyard paintings peek out between the historic and modern buildings.


Hanging Mist was commissioned by the developer early in the architectural design process because the artwork would become the most prominent artistic feature for the development. Lacin and Christophel worked closely with the developer, architect, landscape architect, and interior designer to create a cohesive and innovative atmosphere.

The architect selected perforated aluminum panels to serve as transparent walls on two sides of the courtyard. These panels became the ‘canvas’ for Hanging Mist. The completed artwork adds life and identity, while serving as a functional architectural element.

The project developer, architect and LC chose the keyword of ‘oasis’ to inform the design process. LC created three mockups representing different concepts evocative of an oasis. As a team, Hanging Mist was selected to be fabricated.

Once the design for the artwork was selected, the artists collaborated with the interior designer to select colors and finishes for the brick, stucco and doors in the courtyard that compliment the art. Together with the developer, the artist selected lighting to illuminate the artwork in the evening. The finished space highlights the commissioned artwork and establishes a unique and inspiring environment for resident artists.

Additional Information

LC Studio Tutto’s artwork brings the warmth of the handmade to the built environment. To fabricate Hanging Mist on 2,880 square feet of perforated aluminum, Lacin and Christophel utilized a variety of creative methods to apply paint. Brooms mimicked oversized brush strokes and colored glaze baths achieved the deepest blue hues. The multi-layered artwork brings the sense of the artist's touch to the interior courtyard, inviting viewers to form an emotional connection to this built space.