Submitted by Tonya Hart


Client: Government of Ontario

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2018


HALO creates a large gateway halo of three stainless steel rings with LED lights joined together by a bridge for people to pause and traverse through the sculpture. The sculpture is 90″ H x 140″ W x 46″ D.


Winter brings a swell of optical phenomena. The combination of light, water and cooler temperatures offers an infinite array of wonder from tiny ice crystal formations to grand illusions overwhelming the sky. One such optical illusion are halos which occur when light interacts with ice crystals. Ontario Place hosts a light exhibition annually during the Canadian winter months and this year was seeking proposals that engaged viewers on the theme of Disruptive Engagement. HALO represents a large-scale light art installation that seeks to connect viewers with the natural wonders of winter. Winter gives the casual viewer a new lens in which to see the world. It magnifies an infinitesimal world of water transformed into ice crystals and grandiose displays. The light that traverses through ice crystals to create a halo is fractured, dispersed and scattered. In the moment a halo forms, the ice crystals magically align to create a fleeting wonder. HALO captures the ephemeral nature of winter’s phenomenal magic and provides the viewer with an opportunity to discover, reflect and enjoy the interchange of light in winter for the full duration of the festival, day or night.