Location: Haikou, China

Completion date: 2024

Project Team

Design Director

Ajax Law


Design Director

Virginia Lung



The design theme is ‘footprints fade, waves embrace’. Experience cinema like never before, in a truly ocean-inspired setting. We wanted to create this cinema related to the geography of the city with the sea and the waves. The whole design has more than just ornamental value, it is given necessary functional measures in entertainment and leisure space. We integrate the concept in different areas making the atmosphere consistent throughout the space. Lighting effects, air conditioning, air vents, safety and fire prevention measures have all been modeled to match the design concept, and we’ve put a lot of thought into this.


It’s timeless, as bricks can be used to create beautiful yet durable spaces. Haikou is situated on Hainan Island, wrapped by the ocean like a warm blanket in fall. We wanted to create this cinema related to the geography of the city without the ocean blue color and we decided to use bricks as design theme because they are sustainable and formed with sand which cover the tracks of the ocean, creating the wave scene in the space, like a movie of make-believe.

The bricks are of the same size and dimensions, and we used an artistic approach on how to make them form the shape of waves through skillful stacking, and form the ceiling, bar counter, seats and other functional areas in the space. Besides, how to use a single color to create the texture of the space and the placement of lighting and vents are also a challenge in this design.

We precisely placed bricks to look like waves, these waves layered in such a way where you can see them all from any angle. All the skillfully positioned lights and vents are hidden in the nook. If you looked at it from a certain angle the pieces of brick were placed so no piece would be the same length. Tables and chairs are arranged with the tips of waves and curved ends flaring out like a bell.


The cinema project occupies a building with a number of windows, so during the daytime, sunlight can shine into the space, and the natural light creates a light and shadow effect on the brick-red waves, which enriches the visual effect and texture of the space. Lighting fixtures and vents are skillfully placed in the hidden corners between the waves, looking up to find them. In fact, the size of each brick is the same, but by adjusting the number of bricks, the waves with different curvatures and sizes are formed.

Although the surface of the bricks looks rough and grainy up closely, the atmosphere takes on a softer feel when the entire space is painted in the orange-yellow hue of Topaz. Moreover, the brick itself is a relatively inexpensive material, we wanted to use this most ordinary and simple material to achieve our design requirements. It is rugged but we didn't do any special treatment, but kept its original look to create the space.

Additional Information

The essence of the lobby's design can be captured both when the light is low and when there is sunlight and light. The small waves on the floor are painted grey on the side, making a slight distinction from the overall space color, so that the shape of the small waves can be recognized from far away. Lights echoed off the waves, all not just for aesthetics, but also to keep guests from tripping. Bricks are made of sand which lay on the beach, so the whole project is considered sustainable and reusable, and they can be used to create beautiful and durable spaces that can’t be worn down. Because the bricks are very original construction material and it doesn’t need to spend too much time on preparing before construction and it doesn’t have to take a lot trouble to be taken care afterward either. The global marine environment is under great threat. We put the idea of using the bricks to embodied the concept of environmental protection, hope that the natural environment of Hainan Island can be emphasized.