Reunion - CODAworx



Client: Midwest Health System

Location: Midwest, MI, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Linda Leviton

Art Consultant

Art Partners


This wall sculpture was created for a featured wall in a new hospital. The artwork was comprised of copper, wood, paint and patina. The overall dimensions is approximately 7 ft square; the modules are 15-21" square.


The client were drawn to the copper material for its warmth and it's natural palate. The design echoes a quilt format combining patterns and colors that work with the overall feel of the interior architecture. The goal was to create a work that would feel like it belonged perfectly in the space and that people could relate to in this healing environment.


My process to get a good idea of the space and then talk to to the client to get a good sense of what appeals to them and they are looking for in terms of look and feel. I then do a mock-up, provide a color palate and pattern samples and we work together with their selections to get to a final design.