Growth - CODAworx


Submitted by Paul Sorey

Client: Western Oregon University

Location: Monmouth, OR, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $110,000

Project Team


Paul Sorey

Paul Sorey Artworks

Public Art Agent

Kate Ali

Oregon Arts Commission

Industry Resource

Marjorie Lund

Lund Opsahl LLC, Structural Engineers


Western Oregon University requested an artwork that adds color to the campus, encourages a welcoming and positive environment, and is inspirational for viewers.

Sorey's artwork is inspired by natural forms, mathematics and geometry. The stages of growth of a plant can symbolize the growth of a person in the nurturing environment of a university, so he decided to work with unfolding plant forms and flowers.

Stainless steel, cast resin, LED lights, digital electronics, precast concrete pavers.
20' length x 10' width x 14' height


Sorey believes that creating a comfortable space for lingering contributes to the welcoming aspect of an artwork. His original proposal was directly in front of the new building, creating a gateway and establishing a forecourt to the building entry. The school liked the concept but wanted to move the artwork away from the building and directed the artist to adapt the design to a new location. The new site was close to the street, along a busy sidewalk, and partially in the public right-of-way. Sorey adapted the concept as a pull-off area for pedestrians: the arrangement of elements is designed to create an inviting space next to the busy sidewalk where people may stop to rest, use cell phones, people-watch, or chat with friends.


Sorey fabricated the work in-house. For installation he hired a local contractor to handle site security, earthwork, footing, anchors, and paver base preparation, and used their assistance in placing the art elements. Sorey met the stringent City requirements for design and coordinated fabrication and construction so that the Engineer could inspect the work to satisfy the City.