Griffriss Landforms - CODAworx

Griffriss Landforms

Submitted by Rob Licht

Client: Griffiss International Sculpture Park

Location: Rome, NY, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Rob Licht

Public Art Agent

Sculpture Space


Griffiss Park Landowners Association


A grouping of three powder coated steel elements; 36x90x55″,48x48x30″ and 34×40 x42″ sited in close proximity to each. Each is installed on a concrete base with gravel in the walking areas. The 3 forms are placed in an inviting juxtaposition to one another so as to encourage playful interaction. By resting on the sculptures, the viewer has the opportunity to form a bonding relationship to the landscape that is the inspiration for the piece.


The siting of the work within the park was crucial to enhancing the feeling it is designed to invoke: to be able to contemplate the landscape in a restive setting. The powder coated finish echoes most of the work in the park and presents playful, colorful and inviting finishes.


The design model was initially selected and approved and then terms of fabricating and details of installation had to be negotiated. The installation and bases required communication with, and assistance from, the the park's facilities department. Sculpture Space was the mediator in negotiations.