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Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

Submitted by Joan Weissman

Client: Greenville Spartanburg International Airport

Location: Greer (Greenville-Spartanburg), SC, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


joan weissman

joan weissman studio

Public Art Agent

rosylin weston: Vice President Communications GSP Airport district

GSP Airport

Art Consultant

Noel Best


Industry Resource

David Allen

David Allen Company Inc. (terrazzo)


“To complement the renovations and improvements currently under construction at the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), the Airport District has initiated a program for 2-dimensional artwork, 3-dimensional sculpture, multi-media and digital installations.”

Joan Weissman was commissioned to create two terrazzo circles of 15’ diameter each, representing iconic landscape imagery from the areas surrounding the airport. The terrazzo is placed in public corridors, at the bases of two elevators, creating an artistic focal point, a sense of the locality, and an engaging, identifiable meeting place.


GSP identified three consistent themes for all the artwork. Creating a "sense of place" was the overall goal for the entire collection of new artworks. Joan Weissman’s terrazzo pieces respond specifically to:
“Where we live – integration of water and landscape”
The first piece, River Bank, is a somewhat abstracted approach to the waterways and local plant life, while the second circle, Autumn at Table Rock, clearly depicts a monumental feature of a nearby state park.


The artist submitted to the arts committee a number of paintings related to the suggested themes. The committee chose their favorites from a wide selection. Once the designs were finalized, she worked closely with David Allen Company to prepare samples of terrazzo using her colors and adding appropriate aggregates of marble chips, glass, mother of pearl and other elements. The installation was overseen by the crew at David Allen.