Green Wall - CODAworx

Green Wall

Submitted by Eightyfive

Client: Salesforce

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $70,000

Project Team

Creative Direction

Joel Berroteran


Project Manager

Abigail Berroteran


Houdini Artist

Hernan Santander



Salesforce’s Real Estate Creative team’s vision was to bring San Francisco East lobby screen to life! This meant bold, colorful, luscious flowers, plants, and greenery with a magical touch of monarch butterflies. It’s alive!


Our client desired a concept of having a living/breathing green wall. Our solution was to create a seamless loop while the flowers infinitely bloom and the greenery sways with a light breeze.


Our challenge was to first do some research and development on how we could animate infinite blooming flowers. Once we figured out the math and pacing we were able to populate our terrain with beautiful flowers that we were able to modify and scale in the scene. An additional challenge was having everything loop seamlessly. We needed to keep in mind the math as well as the number of frames used to animate the loop to achieve the beginning and end frames. Once this step was executed we began populating the terrain with moss, grass, and ferns that slowly swayed. Lighting was also a crucial area to achieve as it need to look photo-real. The flock of butterflies especially tied everything together.

Additional Information

This is now being displayed at Salesforce San Francisco East Lobby and will soon be displayed at Salesforce Chicago, Dublin, and Sydney.