Green Gateway Arch - CODAworx

Green Gateway Arch

Submitted by Washington Glass Studio


Client: DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Michael Janis

Washington Glass Studio


Erwin Timmers

Washington Glass Studio


Audrey Wilson

Washington Glass Studio


Tim Tate

Washington Glass Studio


Washington, DC Ward 7 Community Gateway; artwork project was commissioned by the DCCAH for the new Unity Healthcare facility. Our glass and steel sculptures intricacy and craftsmanship projects a strong sense of place and shows the care and love involved in its creation as it strengthens and affirms the sense of arrival.


The design of the public artwork was intended to mark the symbolic entrance to the Kenilworth / Parkside section of DC s Ward 7. After meeting with community representatives, the WGS team focused on themes that were strongly held. A Community Gateway Arch became the vision for the placemaking sculpture that would help identify the new environment. The glass panel insets in the 16 foot tall sculpture would be made with the help of the neighborhood residents, students of the high school, and the staff of the new Unity Healthcare facility. The use of internal LED lighting allows a spectacular presentation at night.


Washington Glass Studio brought the residents of the community to the glass studio to create the over 300 individual fused glass elements for the sculpture, and the integration of community effort as part of its design helped deepen the connection to the neighborhood and enriched the overall work.