Green Algae - CODAworx

Green Algae

Submitted by Linda Celestian

Client: Cambridge Innovation Center

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $3,500

Project Team

Art Consultant

Stephanie Fenner

Cambridge Innovation Center


Green Algae was acquired to enhance the atmosphere of the café on the 6th floor of Cambridge Innovation Center’s co-working space. The cafe serves as central meeting space for several floors of offices and bio-engineering labs. Green Algae’s biomorphic shapes floating overhead complement the city views and the modern interior design of the space.


The proximity to Philadelphia's scientific community prompted the call for artwork that had an energetic exploration of nature, a deconstruction of material, and a desire to allow these curiosities and ideas room to grow.


Locations were discussed but, in the end, CIC allowed the artist to create the piece on site in an organic fashion. The piece evolved in response to the space and the underlying mission of collaboration and uninhibited flow of ideas that CIC upholds.